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SUBMISSION: Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence

Women’s Safety NSW is pleased to be afforded the opportunity to make this submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence.

The submission directly addresses each of the terms of reference for the Inquiry but highlights some key areas for immediate action such as investment in an implementation plan for the Our Watch Change the Story Framework, universal access to services for victims and abusers, fasten COVID-19 response, civil, criminal justice and family law system reform and governance and accountability for national domestic and family violence policy.

In order to inform our submission, Women’s Safety NSW conducted an online survey with 47 of our members working across 15 identified and 16 non-identified member services, which are women’s domestic and family violence specialists. Identified services included eight (8) Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (“WDVCASs”) seven (7) other women’s specialist domestic and family violence services including women’s health centres, women’s shelters, women’s counselling services, women’s resource centres, women’s legal services, and staying home leaving violence services. In addition, Women’s Safety NSW also conducted an online survey with 23 victim-survivors of domestic and family violence.