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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women

Whilst research on the prevalence of violence against migrant and refugee women is limited, what is known is that cultural, language and systemic barriers serve to reduce access to safety and support for this group of women, and they are at higher risk of domestic homicide

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women (CALD) who experience violence face cultural, linguistic and systemic barriers in trying to access victim services, housing, Centrelink, women’s refuges and emergency relief that make it difficult for this group of women to achieve safety. Women on temporary visas or women who cannot access their identification are of particular risk, because a woman’s migration status restricts access to support that compounds women’s insecurity and vulnerability.  

CALD women also face complete lack of services surrounding healthcare support for clients without Medicare, such as women on temporary visas put lasting safety and recovery out of reach for many women and their children experiencing domestic and family violence.

Most CALD specialist workers understand these barriers and issues and can assist with maintaining confidentiality and establishing safety.