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Briefing Paper: Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence – Current Case Studies

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions being placed on movement which is requiring people to stay home and restrict travel, many women and children who are experiencing violence and abuse within their homes are at greater risk. Survey results from frontline domestic violence workers across NSW have indicated an increase in severity and in some cases an increase in the incidence of women experiencing domestic violence, as well as violence occurring in relationships for the first time…

[Whilst governments have responded in part to this risk,] of serious concern, is omission to date in any measures which adequately address the safety of women on temporary visas and their children experiencing violence. This particular group of women and children are at particularly high risk due to their limited access to alternative income, accommodation or basic services when they are attempting to flee. In effect, this leaves this group of women with two stark choices: stay and put up with the violence and abuse inflicted upon themselves and their children or attempt to leave into homelessness and destitution.

This briefing paper [focusses] on four critical areas of support urgently needed for women on temporary visas experiencing violence during COVID-19: income, housing, health and legal support. A number of current case studies are also provided so as to ensure policy makers and the public more generally are cognisant of the real life situations women on temporary visas and their children are finding themselves in as a result of their perpetrator’s violence and abuse, and our system’s current failings in providing adequate safety nets for support…

Download the full Briefing Paper HERE.