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Briefing Paper: Statewide Survey Results- Women on Temporary Visas Experiencing Violence

Women’s Safety NSW this week conducted a survey of our members regarding women on temporary visas. This survey supports our recent briefing paper on the heightened need for both the NSW Government and the Federal Government to provide support to women on temporary visas experiencing violence during COVID-19.

On 22 April 2020, the Tasmanian Government unveiled a $3 million support package for around 26,000 temporary visa holders trapped within the state due to the COVID-19 ongoing social isolation and social distancing policies, increasingly infrequent flights and strict travel restrictions. Every vulnerable individual is eligible for a $250 payment while every vulnerable family unit is eligible for a $1000 payment.

In NSW, we have yet to achieve any substantial means for supporting our temporary visa holders, let alone women on temporary visas experiencing violence. This paper will briefly analyse the responses from our survey to highlight the urgency of this issue as reported from 53 frontline domestic violence workers and service providers from every metropolitan, regional, rural and remote centre of NSW, including each of the 29 women’s domestic violence court advocacy services (WDVCAS) in addition to a number of Women’s Safety NSW’s associate member services.

Download the full survey results HERE.