Speaking with 1000 words – Image Project

Women’s Safety NSW are partnering with the Canva Creative Content Team to create authentic creative content to better describe the diverse experiences of violence and abuse in media imagery.

We are reaching out to our Members, Friends and Supporters, Women’s Safety Advocates and partner agencies to seek input into this process.

  • What images would you like to have available to assist you in describing the many and varied experiences of violence and abuse?
  • Who has been invisible in our imagery to date?
  • How have we depicted violence and abuse in imagery to date?
  • What messages are being perpetuated through the use of current imagery and how can we transform this?

Get involved

Get in touch with Women’s Safety NSW at [email protected] to provide input into this exciting project!

A note from Canva

The project is being undertaken as an extension of Canva’s value of ‘Be a Force for Good’, however specifically in the creative content space (i.e. their photo stock library). In their support of not-for profits, Canva would like to go one step further and ensure that we have the right visuals to use in our campaigns; visuals that are relevant, authentic, useful and non-cliche. By working closely with not for profits, Canva is hoping to ensure that the images they shoot satisfy these requirements, and that they will be of use to other not-for-profits promoting similar causes around the world. 

Photo for website

For media, policy practice and law reform enquiries, please contact Hayley Foster on 0474 779 847 or at [email protected]

For general enquiries or to request a speaking engagement, please contact Sharon Butt at [email protected] or on 0455 551 978. 

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