Speak up against the Andrews-Hanson Family Law Inquiry

Despite the recent expert led Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of the family law system delivered in March this year, and a Parliamentary Inquiry as recent as 2017, Prime Minister Morrison has announced yet another inquiry into the family law system, and installed Senator Pauline Hanson as Co-Chair.

Senator Hanson then said on Radio National that women lie about domestic violence to obtain advantage in the family court. Later in the week, the Chair of the Committee, Kevin Andrews refused to sanction Hanson for these comments.

This new Inquiry is unnecessary and dangerous. There are serious concerns that victims/survivors will be silenced. Meanwhile, dangerous decisions that harm women and children are being made in the family law system right now.

Please email the Prime Minister and key members of parliament and ask them to put safety first, abandon the Andrews-Hanson inquiry and instead immediately implement strategies to make family law safer for victim/survivors.

*If you would like to write directly to members of the government to express your concerns on a more individual basis, the email addresses can be found on their parliamentary websites.

– This action is being run in partnership with the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance and Fair Agenda-

Email key decision-makers

Use Fair Agenda tool HERE to send an email to key members of the Government, opposition and crossbench.

Please make sure you don’t disclose any information that might put your safety at risk, or identify other parties to any matter.

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