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Real life experiences of the family law system

Why are we sharing real life stories?

The current family law system is failing to prioritise safety for women and children in the context of family violence and abuse.

Despite recommendation from numerous parliamentary inquiries and law reform commission reports over decades, the government has failed to effect the necessary reforms to solve this problem.

This is in part due to the cone of silence under which family law proceedings operate.

Women and children experiencing domestic and family violence report the family law system as being the single biggest impediment to their immediate and ongoing safety.

Reducing violence against women and their children is now a national priority. As such, it is urgent that reform be undertaken to address both the the procedural and cultural issues of this institution.

Women’s Safety NSW is determined to lift this cone of silence by providing a safe avenue for women and children to anonymously share their experiences of navigating the family law system in the context of family violence.

It is only through the real life stories of these courageous women and children that we may truly come tounderstand the implications of current practices and culture in the family law system as they relate to those impacted by family violence and abuse.

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Support women to tell their stories safely

Women’s Safety NSW provides opportunities for survivors of domestic and family violence to engage in media, advocacy and public speaking training and networking opportunities to support women to tell their stories safely. Please support this work by donating to the Women’s Safety Advocate Project.

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