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Make courts safer for DV victim-survivors

Right now, the criminal justice system in NSW can be traumatic and unsafe for DV victims-survivors to give evidence. They are usually required to appear in an open court in front of the general public and may be directly cross-examined by their abuser. And their matters are heard by a general pool of local court…

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Help make NSW and Australia safer for Women experiencing DV!

ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS…….IS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO BE SAFE!   Looking for great Christmas ideas! Why not donate to Women’s Safety NSW instead of buying more landfill!   More than 1 woman a week is killed by her partner or ex-partner, and half of these deaths take place in NSW. You can…

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Email Your MP: Fund Women’s Safety Now!

Women should have the right to safety in their own homes. And yet, right now, for many Australian women, their homes are the most dangerous place they could be – with one woman a week being killed at the hands of her partner or ex-partner, eight women a week being hospitalised, and over 5,000 women…

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Speak up against the Andrews-Hanson Family Law Inquiry

Despite the recent expert led Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of the family law system delivered in March this year, and a Parliamentary Inquiry as recent as 2017, Prime Minister Morrison has announced yet another inquiry into the family law system, and installed Senator Pauline Hanson as Co-Chair. Senator Hanson then said on Radio National…

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Real life experiences of the family law system

Why are we sharing real life stories? The current family law system is failing to prioritise safety for women and children in the context of family violence and abuse. Despite recommendation from numerous parliamentary inquiries and law reform commission reports over decades, the government has failed to effect the necessary reforms to solve this problem….

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Make it safer for women to achieve justice!

Do you want to make the criminal justice system safer for women and their children impacted by domestic and family violence? Find your local MP HERE and contact them HERE to tell them you want the government to: outlaw direct cross-examination of domestic violence complainants by their accused; provide for all domestic and sexual violence…

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Stop endangering domestic violence victims through couples counselling

Couples counselling is unsafe for victims of domestic violence. Survivors have told the Government this themselves, as have the specialist women’s safety services and advocacy groups that support them. Even those with expertise working with men who use violence and their representative bodies have told the Government that couples counselling is unsafe and ineffective as…

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Speaking with 1000 words – Image Project

Women’s Safety NSW are partnering with the Canva Creative Content Team to create authentic creative content to better describe the diverse experiences of violence and abuse in media imagery. We are reaching out to our Members, Friends and Supporters, Women’s Safety Advocates and partner agencies to seek input into this process. What images would you like…

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Women’s Safety Advocate Program

Women’s Safety NSW is often asked by media to speak with survivors of domestic and family violence about their direct experiences in relation to a particular topic. Women’s Safety NSW is mindful that there are many risks associated with talking to the media from the perspective of a survivor of violence and has traditionally been…

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