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Kelly Wilkinson, Kobi Shepherdson deaths show Australia is ignoring ‘massive problem’

On Monday afternoon, hundreds gathered at a twilight vigil to remember Kelly Wilkinson.

The Gold Coast mother-of-three’s charred body was found in her backyard last Tuesday; her estranged husband, Brian Earl Johnston, was later charged with her murder.

Ms Wilkinson’s death was one of three, at the hands of domestic or family violence, to rock Australia last week – and exposed, aside from the obvious, a “massive problem” that could have “disastrous” consequences for women and children if it continues to be ignored.

As well as being charged with murder, Mr Johnston was charged with breaching a domestic violence order (DVO) that had been in place since March, and breaching bail. Ms Wilkinson’s family told the Gold Coast Bulletin she had gone to police “almost every day” to report his alleged behaviour.

“It is a massive problem,” Women’s Safety NSW CEO, Hayley Foster, told

“We know that for most women, having a domestic violence order in place increases her safety and reduces risk for further violence. But it’s not foolproof.”

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