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‘A rot in society’: Ruston proposes ‘much more ambitious’ plan to tackle violence against women

A national blueprint to reduce violence against women will commit funding to “much more ambitious” programs with a sharper focus on prevention amid community demands for stronger measures.

The Morrison government is planning to widen the scope of a three-year deal with the states to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on new services, naming financial and coercive control of women as areas for greater action.


The last three-year national plan, under which $328 million was outlaid on programs to curb violence towards women, is due to end this year. Experts are calling for a dramatic increase in spending on emergency housing, legal help, counselling services, education in schools, Indigenous support and more.

Women’s Safety NSW chief Hayley Foster said services had never been in higher demand and federal support alone should be scaled up to $12 billion over 12 years.

Ms Foster said the substantial increase would bring anti-violence measures into line with federal spending in other fields such as community legal services, mental health and disability support.

To read the full article by David Crowe for the SMH click HERE.

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